Welcome to the 2013 Cycle instead in spring bike to work challenge.

Here's a fun way to travel around, keep fit, save money and help the environment!
The Cycle instead Bike to Work Challenge is free to enter. Anyone in Western Australia can join.

The Challenge will run from Monday 9 September to Sunday 20 October.

Start small and build up your kilometres over the seven weeks.

Record all your cycling trips -
Ride to work.
Ride to the train station.
Ride to school or university.

Bike to Work Poster DownloadRide to the local shops.
Record your kms from anywhere you ride.

Get your friends and family to join as well.

Sign-up here: Individual Entry Form.

If you were a participant in 2012 please re-activate your account here: Reactivate My Account

Win a $1000 bicycle and accessories pack.
There will be three individual winners - one Female, one Male, and one Novice category rider will win a bicycle and accessories pack from Bikewest.
Plus you can win Bicycle Computers, Cycle Instead Bike Packs, T-shirts and Water bottles plus many more spot prizes.


How do I Participate?

Register as an individual and then start recruiting. Create a team and ask your colleagues to join you. You can include people from other companies, and your family and friends.

Are you an experienced cyclist? Be a leader and invite your colleagues and friends to join your team. Share your knowledge and keep them inspired over the six-week period.

Cycle to work, cycle to your local train station or cycle with family and friends to your local park or café.

Friends and Family can join in too.
If you are unable to ride to work, join our Friends and Family Challenge and ride more often. Friends and Family are welcome to join the Challenge and record their kms.

Total Kilometres Cycled 2013
Six weeks - September 9 to October 20.

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Total kms Cycled: 244717 km
Greenhouse Gas Emissions stopped: 73.42 tonnes

There are plenty of other opportunities to ride...
The Bike to Work Challenge will conclude with the National Ride to Work Day to be held on Wednesday 16 October. For a list of other events to be held as part of the Cycle Instead in Spring campaign click here.

Need a cycling map? Check out the Department of Transport’s Maps and guides pages.

Organise your team now and register early to win early registration prizes for your team.
If you require more information please contact David or Janet at the Corporate Challenge office on 9402 5303.

Enjoy the benefits of cycling more each day. Don’t miss out on the fun, organise your teams and register now.

A key Cycle Instead in Spring event, the annual Bike to Work Challenge is sponsored by Bikewest, Department of Transport (DoT), as a part of the Corporate Challenge.




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2013 km Chart:

To view the total km chart click here:
2013 km Chart

Total kms Cycled: 244717 km
Greenhouse Gas Emissions stopped:
73.42 tonnes

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